How do you make sure you're ready to succeed when you've just taken a big risk? I've had (and continue) to expose myself to new risks because of the new goals and targets I go after and there is a certain way to think and certain strategies to employ in order to give you as much certainty as possible. In this episode, I break down how to approach a big move and how to make it a success.

Time Stamps:


(1:22) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(1:28) This episode is dedicated to Frank!
(1:49) Frank’s email
(4:53) The risks I have taken
(5:46) #1: Know your outcomes and goals
(7:45) #2: Understand your chokeholds and obstacles
(8:59) #3: Get your money right
(11:58) Money represents value
(13:25) #4: Track and collect all momentum
(14:03) #5: Keep a close eye on your vices
(15:43) #6: Create your power circle
(16:26) #7: Keep your mind right
(17:33) #8: Give yourself that pleasure of the freedom you gave yourself and have no regrets
(18:21) #9: Always evaluate what you learn