Although you cannot always relate to the problems of these big name celebrities and superstars, a-lot of times it's really easy to see how mentally weak some of them are, and how much help they need in terms of developing a more dominate mindset, and bulletproof confidence and certainty. I've done something very different in this episode, and I am sure it will rub some of you the wrong way. What I've done is taken Kendall Jenner, and broken down my strategy of how I would work with her if given a chance. I got the chance to see some of her mental weaknesses, and I know how these weaknesses will affect her if not addressed. How many “celebrities” have we seen meltdown and flame out after controversies or adversity? In the episode, I talk directly to Kendall, and give her a few doses of reality along with my prescribed course of action to help her take the game over and be mentally unstoppable. I'll be doing these celebrity reality checks on more athletes and celebrities as they expose their weaknesses to the general public, so stay tuned and give me your feedback.

209 Time Stamps:

(2:05) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(3:35) The Kardashian inspiration
(6:19) The celebrity reality check and practical game plan
(6:52) The reality of being a celebrity observer
(7:43) What we see on tv is not always real
(8:25) The celebrity breakdown of Kendall Jenner
(10:26) The reality check for Kendall Jenner
(10:51) “You should know that people don’t like you already”
(12:02) Gameplan step #1- Get you aligned
(12:38) Create a scouting report
(13:39) Establish a vision
(15:00) Who do you think you have to be?
(15:32) Establish your role in the family
(16:22) Take control of your career
(17:41) Create a power circle
(18:01) Establish systems for areas you’ve decided to dominate
(19:15) Create an anticipation playbook
(20:18) Become comfortable making other people uncomfortable
(21:20) Plan responses for every situation
(22:58) Establish new emotional patterns
(24:38) Increase your perspective