“Niyi is genuine, real, and has proven successful. He doesn't just preach the things he teaches; he lives them. All driven, high-level athletes want to find ways to reach their goals but often don't know where to look. Niyi has systems and helps you map out a concrete, tangible process to attaining the success you want. This is extremely valuable and special. I've gained a lot of confidence and clarity in working with him,,and he's helped me develop and advance my visualization process and improve my confidence.”

Michell Betos

NWSL Goal Keeper of the year 2016

“What always set Sobo apart from the other professionals in the game was his his preparedness, work ethic, and discipline. I feel honored to have had a great teammate in Olaniyi Sobomehin. He was the type of player that exercised every opportunity to be better on the field, in the weight room and in his playbook. Athletes will pick up a lot from his experience and energy.”

Lynell Hamilton

Former New Orleans Saints Running Back & Superbowl Champion

“Niyi exudes motivation. It pours out of his voice and beams from his heart. He walks the walk and he cares about his clients. He is no stranger to taking risks and coming out on top. He lives what he teaches. Niyi Sobo is not just a motivational podcast, he is a force of nature eager to bring out the brilliance within you. If you ever get near this former NFL cornerback, tackle him. Soak him up like a sponge and you will never go back to playing a mediocre game again.”

Thomas Tadlock

MS, Master Trainer, Producer/Host of the Vegan Body Revolution Show

“I don’t think any of the success I had would have been possible without the mental conditioning I had when training with Niyi. He embodies work ethic, passion, toughness, commitment and focus, and any athlete has a lot to learn from a coach like Niyi.”

Alex Green

Former NFL Running Back & Former University Of Hawaii Standout

“I’m a former Division 1 soccer player, and I currently work in sales at a large tech company. I have struggled with confidence throughout my whole upbringing – it mostly came out on the soccer field. I was an inconsistent player, a “practice player” who was awesome half the time and mediocre for the other half.

Since working with Niyi, I received the promotion that I wanted at work in an amount of time that I genuinely thought would be impossible. I have become more organized and goal oriented not just professionally, but personally too, and I feel like I’m living a more fulfilled life all around.

I am so grateful for the guidance and support Niyi has provided, and I can say, with confidence, that I wouldn’t be where I am without him.”


26 year old former D-1 Soccer player

“He has the unique ability to motivate athletes to push a bit harder, work a bit longer, stay positive throughout the process and stay dedicated to not lose sight of their ultimate goals. Many coaches are great at certain aspects of training. Niyi is great at all of them.”

David McHenry, PT & DTP

Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist, Lead Therapist and Strength Coach for Nike Oregon Project

“Dedication is the key to success. I believe it applies to every avenue in life…I got the chance to play alongside Niyi for 3 seasons at Oregon State, and he was the type of player that was highly motivated, driven, hard working, and dedicated…All attributes that every athlete should have. I have no doubt that Coach Niyi can help take your game to the next level! “

Yvenson Bernard

6th Leading Rusher in Pac-10 History & 2nd Leading Rusher in OSU History

“We have had speakers like Howard White (Brand Jordan), Michal Lee (Kansas Basketball), Aaron Miles (NBA), judges, lawyers, and ceo’s.. niyi is in the top 2%, and I have been doing this for a long time. “
Von Ray Johnson

Coach & Coordinator, Maurice Lucas Foundation. Certified personal trainer of the National Academy of Sports Medicine, SAQ and NPC-certified judge, and Track & Field Specialist Von Ray trains NFL, NBA, MLB, high school and college athletes