So many people claim to want to be a professional athlete, an entertainer or just rich in general…so here's the test. Listen to this episode and see if you're committed, or just bullshitting.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) Do you want to go pro, or become a “millionaire”?
(2:58) Deion Sanders
(3:41) #1: Decide that you want that goal.
(3:52) #2: Define the end game in vivid detail.
(4:33) #3: Write down all the things you do, that do not relate to your end goal. CROSS them out.
(5:00) #4: Write down what is necessary to do for you to reach the goal.
(5:23) #5: Print out a template for an empty week.
(5:39) #6: Create an average week schedule.
(6:33) #7: Look. Breathe. ASK.
(10:34) You reap what you sow.
(13:48) Am I talking to you, or are you eavesdropping?
(15:47) OFF-mode.
(18:57) In order to be strong, you have to be weak.
(21:41) Stop bullshitting.
(23:55) Don’t forget to Get Ya Mind Right.
(24:52) Have you left me a review yet?