This is an episode I recorded and never released…I get very personal, and struggled over whether to be this honest with those that follow and listen to me. I'm a firm believer in honesty and regular doses of reality, so I decided to bless you all with this rare episode. Listen as I share my frustrations, insights and jewels.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) Let me get down to earth with you real quick…
(5:40) Money is the motive, even for the
(7:01) As you grow, you become more sensitive to your environment
(9:02) Example: What shoes you got on?
(12:29) The purpose of a High School Diploma.
(13:26) Be careful who subconsciously influences you.
(17:27) Are you tuned into your environment? Who does your kid hang around?
(20:20) Time to cut some people out of your life…
(21:23) Stay away from people who… are AFRAID TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH
(23:00) Stay away from people who… are CLOSED-MINDED
(24:46) Stay away from people who… MAKE A CASE FOR AVERAGENESS
(27:23) Stay away from people who… are AGAINST GROWTH
(28:26) Stay away from people who… VIOLATE YOUR CORE VALUES
(30:21) Stay away from people who… IMMEDIATELY GIVE YOU A FUNNY FEELING
(31:05) Stay away from people who… are VICTIMS
(31:34) Do you hang around any of these people?
(33:17) Reality Check for your current situation
(35:47) What’s your game-plan?
(37:05) You deserve to have a healthy, growing environment
(40:00) Avoid the “bums”
(42:00) Do you read your goals off of piece of paper?
(43:57) If you listen and you apply, THIS IS FOR YOU.
(45:27) “F**K YOU”
(48:23) I told myself I wanted to be a lawyer, in college… WTF
(51:23) Establish your own methods for success. BE A LEADER.
(52:16) Separate yourself for a bit. Get in alignment.
(56:37) A message from me to you.