This is the mindset I see the most in my clients, followers and friends….it's dangerous. Listen to the last part of the weak mindset series, and check out the solution on how to overcome these weaknesses and take on the mindset of the most dominant athletes and high performers in the world.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) Change
(4:20) The motivation behind this series
(6:26) A brief review of the previous 3 episodes
(10:05) Shoutout to author Neville Goddard
(12:00) Introduction to mindset #4
(12:50) Netflix’s, “The Hunt” vs. REALITY
(20:30) The “trophy” mindset
(24:45) Relatable mindset?
(29:32) IG ROAST 🔥
(31:08) What the winners do.
(32:45) Kobe’s rookie mindset
(35:57) You must develop a mindset like the greats do.
(37:17) 11 ways of thinking that will make you dominant…
(39:19) Invest in yourself.