One of my favorite quotes from Robert Greene says this…”When you're humble, you reap the wages of humility”. Religion, sports and our parents give us a lot of mixed messages growing up, and the whole idea of being “humble” is certainly one of them. This mindset has shackled up many dreams and goals….Is this you? 🤔. In this episode, I break down the evidence of this mindset and what to do if you have it. Take a listen.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) What’s holding you back?
(2:57) A review of the first two mindsets
(5:07) The “humble” mindset
(6:25) This starts at a young age for all of us.
(9:06) How this “humble” mindset affects us today.
(10:31) Fortune favors the bold.
(11:50) Dealing with humility.
(14:20) The more value, the more money.