There are a lot of softies out there….. people afraid to go after a goal, preoccupied with the opinions of others, and too worried about how they appear to take a stand, and be a leader. For some of them there is no hope… but for a lot of them, they need a formula for how to transform themselves into a real killa… and by that I mean someone who knows how to be themselves, establish goals and turn them into reality, and repeat. The world needs more of these. Take a listen to hear my take.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) My brothers and I get into some heated debates…
(3:52) The definition of a “KILLA”
(5:50) We gotta be leaders.
(6:13) “Jungle rules”
(8:36) Rule #1: Set aggressive outcomes without limits.
(9:37) Rule #2: Boldly face reality, consistently.
(10:50) Rule #3: Go through the fire.
(11:51) Rule #4: Ruthlessly self-evaluate.
(13:06) Rule #5: Re-up.