How do you get a loved one, friend or teammate to really buy into your vision  and believe in you? In my experience, there are things that really don't work, and some things that build trust like no other. In this episode, I break down how I've been able to gain the trust of my wife (for now at least lol)

Time Stamps:
(1:22) What we say is “best”, right?
(2:23) The trust factor in my relationship with my wife
(5:21) An analogy: Football 2-a-days TRUST IS A MUSCLE
(8:25) Tip #1: Know your goals and your dreams.
(8:48) Tip #2: Work from a PLAN.
(9:38) Tip #3: Don’t sweat mistakes!
(10:51) Tip #4: Doubt is a good thing.
(11:43) Tip #5: Share your wins and losses with your significant other.
(12:21) Tip #6: Act like you’ve won before.. (don’t sweat them either)
(13:01) POEM: “If” by Rudyard Kipling
(13:40) Tip #7: Think about those that you are serving; do for them, what is BEST for them!
(14:49) Tip #8: Don’t lie.
(15:33) Focus on yourself. Think about others. Be truthful. Be honest.