It's tough to make your dreams a reality while you work a” 9-5″ whether your dream is to create a business or make it as a pro. I've been able to make both transitions and I want to share my experience and some words of advice if you want to make your dreams happen.

Time Stamps:

(1:40) Shoutout to Dusty!
(1:50) Today’s episode topic
(4:18) Approach your craft or sport like a professional
(7:18) Protect your energy
(8:55) Protect your time
(10:03) Raise your standard
(11:13) Beliefs
(16:30) My mindset
(24:58) Begin to plot your escape
(26:36) No Days Off
(27:02) Wake up early
(27:57) Learn how to market yourself
(28:00) Top marketing books
(28:58) Learn to increase your value
(30:20) You don’t have a lot of time
(34:22) For the ladies