I've made a ton of mistakes and even repeated the same costly mistakes. I'm sure we all have. But what separates the good from the great is how well they actually LEARN and profit from these mistakes and not just NOT repeat them….but use the lessons to make GAINS in other areas as well. In this episode, I take you up close and personal into my life and show you the almost fatal mistakes I made and how I've learned from them. I'm giving you KEYS….you don't have to make the mistake to learn from it. It's like going to a cookout…you can eat the BBQ without even cooking. (or paying lol)

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(1:57) Mistakes in my life
(6:57) Ray Dalio, “Principles
(7:30) Failed Relationship and Poor Decisions
(8:08) How I was raised and having kids
(19:34) What I learned
(24:16) Understand who has influence on you in your life
(26:48) My decisions based on your own principles despite the pain
(27:42) Don’t make decisions based on fear or desperation
(28:28) Make decisions with long term in mind
(28:50) Actions mean more than words
(30:11) Train yourself to be afraid of less
(33:34) What a failure you’ve had? [email protected]