A good way to know how soft and mentally weak someone…..just watch how they deal with the truth. If you want to be elite and consistently dominate them, you must get comfortable with reality and learn to use it and profit from it instead of run from it and defend yourself from it. I break it down tactically in this episode.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(2:18) Reality
(3:03) Robert Greene, “50th Law
(4:13) Dealing with reality better
(8:06) #1: Go towards the truth before other people do
(12:40) Deep diaphragmic breathing
(14:08) #2: Train yourself to deal with reality
(15:52) Karen Pryor, “Don’t Shoot the Dog
(17:29) How to reward yourself after reinforcing yourself
(18:36) Carol Dweck, “Mindset
(19:36) #3: Always define clear calls to action
(21:19) #4: Find the lesson in the truth fast
(23:00) #5: Have your failures embedded in your nervous system
(25:10) #6: Spent time studying other successful people’s reality
(28:00) Felix Dennis, “How to Get Rich
(31:03) What are the realities that you are running from?
(33:43) www.imnotyou.com/request
(34:25) www.imnotyou.com/ki