A lot of soft people who need to hear this episode. If your feelings hurt, then this episode was exactly for you. Let's hope it leads to fewer selfies, less time binging on Netflix, fewer conversations about all that's unfair in the world and more action towards creating value for yourself, your families, and the world. Take a listen, I'm sure you'll be implicated in some way. Warning: I blacked out about 5 mins in. Enjoy.

(1:22) Am I a Millenial?
(3:00) I have questions for you
(3:42) What type of impact are you having on others?
(3:56) Are you struggling financially?
(4:43) Are you working for someone else and don’t like it?
(5:07) How many people would be at your funeral?
(9:11) The Millennial Mindset
(13:08) #1: Nobody cares about you
(14:31) #2: You don’t deserve anything except what you have
(16:16) #3: You are not that valuable
(18:19). #4: You are lazy and soft
(20:45) #5: You are a follower
(21:19) #6: Your opinion doesn’t matter
(24:32) #7: You idolizing everyone else
(30:45) You will win if you are patient
(32:48) What you should do now
(37:07) www.imnotyou.com/ki