In today's episode, I link up with my former teammate from the Saints, a super bowl champ, 10 time NFL veteran, multimillionaire and also named one of the fittest men in the world. He also happens to be a member of the 5 kid club and I would not be exaggerating if I said this was an episode you do to want to miss. He absolutely crushed it and left so much value that you'll probably need to listen again. Enjoy.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(2:30) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast, Steve!
(4:40) Steve’s Story
(14:42) Where Steve got his beliefs from
(19:00) Steve’s time in the NFL
(27:08) Challenges and Triumphs
(32:22) After football
(37:36) What made the 2011 Giants a championship team
(42:29) Goals and the Perfect Day
(54:32) Cliches on the internet
(59:24) Morning and Evening Routines
(1:03:05) Where to find Steve


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