Just because you can ball on the field or court, doesn't mean you'll be able to take those skills and apply them in the classroom. Just like anything else, there is a strategy and mindset that is required to kill it in the classroom and get the grades you need. In my experience, when I wanted to, I was able to crush it in the classroom. In this episode, I break down specifically how I did it.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(2:01) Shoutout to Dante!
(4:20) My academic history
(7:10) Principle #1: I  wanted to
(7:50) Principle #2: Get the syllabus and reverse engineer it
(9:09) Principle #3: Dedicate time for studying
(9:49) Principle #4: GO TO CLASS EVERYDAY!
(10:42) Principle #5: Meet with your teachers every week
(11:31) Principle #6: Tell your teachers and professors your goals
(12:52) Principle #7: Sit in front of the class
(14:37) Principle #8: Be creative and smart when you study
(15:39) Principle #9: Rid yourself of bullshit excuses that you can’t learn something
(16:48) Principle #10: Focus on results
(17:44) Principle #11: Be systematic in your approach to live
(18:31) Principle #12: Refuse to sacrifice any quality in your efforts
(25:39) Cal Newport, “How to Become a Straight-A Student