There are certain obstacles and roadblocks that college athletes face that are unique to them, that they must be able to face and overcome them. In this episode, I break down my advice to the college athletes who want to go pro but don't have what they need to do that.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast and the Reality Check Series!
(2:14) To the College Athlete
(3:03) The previous episode was for the young, hungry athlete,
(4:44) Realities of the college athlete
(6:51) My college days
(10:06) The party scene is very overrated
(10:22) Reality: Academics is a vehicle
(14:44) Taper yourself off of dependences as fast as possible
(19:07) Reality: Time spent on your sport will hurt your relationships
(20:25) READ!
(21:12) Know your strategy
(23:34) Use advice wisely
(25:53) Develop courage
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