This is my advice to the young teenage athlete who is overly ambitious, obsessed and willing to do whatever it takes to be great. Take a listen.

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(1:21) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast!
(2:00) Listen to the Leadership Series if you haven’t
(3:12) My history leading up to now
(5:45) Today is for the young ambitious athlete
(7:48) Reality: You are delusional to how all in you have to be
(8:26) Reality: Pleasing your friends, family, and coaches
(9:26) Reality: Habits of dependency
(9:57) Reality: Need for validation
(10:17) My advice to you
(10:58) #1- Decide if your purpose is legit
(14:36) #2- Learn to deal with pain well
(16:55) #3- Decide what’s most important to you
(19:25) #4- Settle the conflict with your athletes
(22:13) #5- Get your money right
(24:36) #6- Build your infrastructure for the long-term
(25:38) #7- Decide you will always refuse other’s opinions on how good you’re doing
(29:33) My offer to the young ambitious athlete or parent or coach of one
(32:34) If this is for you, go to
(33:46) Anyone 21 and up, go to