Your job as a leader is to establish a feeling of control, and give that feeling to others. To empower. In order to do that, you must have clarity. In this episode, I show you how.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast!
(4:16) Clarity
(6:07) #1: Having clarity on what your GOALS are
(6:54) #2: Have clarity on WHY you are doing what you’re doing
(7:37) #3: Have clarity on your STRATEGY
(8:32) #4: Have clarity on your OBSTACLES
(9:10) #5: Have routines and rituals that GROUND you
(9:34) Tim Grover, “Relentless”
(10:22) Tell your team what the goals and outcomes are
(10:48) Tell your team what the outcomes look like
(11:41) Step 1 on creating clarity: Have a daily meeting with your significant other
(11:54) The 4 items of this meeting
(12:35) Meeting with your team
(14:25) Now, Implement