Everyone has been through trauma and experiences that have caused real pain. Some have dealt with extreme pain and been through situations that most can never relate to. How do you get through that? How do you come out stronger from these situations, instead of running from them your entire life? In this episode, I break down how.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(2:37) We’ve all been through tough times
(6:29) Step 1- Identify significant emotional events
(9:11) Step 2- Get out what happened
(10:42) Step 3- Identify what you concluded
(16:14) Step 4- Identify how you have been affected?
(16:46) Step 5- Go back in time and imagine you are talking to your younger self
(19:16) Step 6- Repeat
(20:08) More practical tips
(23:00) Key Tip: Confront the person and get active
(24:40) You are valuable
(26:12) Email me at niyi.imnotyou.com