If you wake up after 6am, you're leaving money and gains on the table. It's time for you to join the 5am (or earlier) club. In this episode, I show you how.

Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast!
(2:15) The early riser
(3:07) What does not being a “morning person” really mean?
(6:07) Train yourself to get up early to gain time
(6:43) Why you should wake up early
(7:24) Kobe’s morning perspective
(9:33) You are calling yourself busy
(9:54) You need time alone
(10:38) Prove to yourself that you are important
(11:20) You are soft
(11:54) How to wake up earlier
(12:39) #1- You need to decide you need and want to wake up early
(14:43) #2- Learn about why you don’t get up early and the 3 reasons
(18:55) #3- Optimize your nutrition
(19:52) Herbert M. Shelton- Food Combining Made Easy
(20:23) #4- Settle conflict in your life
(21:07) www.imnotyou.com/killerinstinct
(22:14) #5- Create a bulletproof wakeup system
(26:13) Hit me up at [email protected]