If you like sports at all, you probably heard about this play that led to a New Orleans loss. Anyone who has ever played can only imagine how safety Marcus Willimans of the Saints feels right now. This is an episode dedicated to him, detailing exactly how to practically approach a situation like this, when you made an epic mistake that feels like it will live forever. Take a listen.


Time Stamps:

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast!
(2:09) Another installment of the Reality Check Series
(3:10) Last episode about Kendall Jenner
(3:58) Recap of the Vikings-Saints Divisional Playoff Game
(8:12) The fate of your career will be the fate of your life
(8:35) My fumble against the 49ers
(9:47) Most people will fold
(10:40) Step 1: Spend time feeling like shit
(11:37) Step 2: Exposure Therapy
(12:46) Step 3: Decide this will benefit you
(14:09) Step 4: Perspective
(16:14) Step 5: Design the player you want to be
(17:48) Step 6: Diagnose the play
(18:36) Step 7: Establish Standards
(19:25) Step 8: Establish a Reputation
(20:02) Mistakes are not a bad thing