Conflict with other people is inevitable. How you handle it will be determined by your mindset and how practically you can deal with your fear. In this episode, I break down 4 steps for overcoming that fear and handling conflict like a boss.

Time Stamps:

(1:23) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast!
(1:52) The seagull and the crab
(4:51) An excerpt from “Civilization and Its Discontents” by Sigmund Freud
(6:53) The fact is that you are scared
(7:17) Understand that you are afraid
(9:19) Step 1: Identify the pain or problem
(11:20) Robert Greene: “The 50th Law”
(13:25) Step 2: Identify your fears
(16:52) Step 3: Move quickly
(18:31) Step 4: Write down what you learned
(20:19) The G-Code
(21:19) I am fearless
(21:45) I am smart
(22:04) My mission is to give not take
(22:27) I am loyal to my mission
(23:56) Watch actions, not words
(25:09) People mean well but are selfish
(26:37) If something needs to be done, I do it
(27:43) What conflict have you been avoiding?