Have you ever had a coach, boss, or parent who always talked shit to you, overreacted over your mistakes or made you feel small every time you messed up? I think we all have dealt with this at some time of our lives. However, when we allow them to get to us, and we get scared and overly cautious, that's when things begin to fall apart. We have to plan for how to handle our emotions and overcome. In this episode, I show you how.



Time Stamps:

(1:21) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(4:08) How do you effectively deal with fear?
(5:07) The cost of fear
(7:03) 8 steps to dealing with fear
(7:26) Step 1- Expose the fear
(7:55) Step 2- Understand the fear
(8:40) Step 3- Get to the root of the fear
(10:28) Step 4- Interrupt the fear
(11:35) Step 5- Set a new goal
(12:38) Step 6- Condition yourself
(13:37) Step 7- Notice the progress
(13:56) Step 8- Repeat the emotion
(14:32) A quick strategy for putting all of these together