No more excuses. This is a 2.5 hour, 16 step process for how to set up a master plan for your 2018 goals. If you want to set up some bullshit resolutions and continue to have the same type of results in 2018, that's cool. This won't be for you. But for those obsessed with doing what it takes to get everything that you want from your sport and life, this is your solution. People thought I was crazy for laying this shit out for you in the way that I did, but I'm tired of seeing people struggle with the excuse of not knowing how and not having the money. Now you can lay out a master plan, and not spend a dime. You're welcome, Merry Christmas, and let's get it in 2018. Go to to download the playbook and listen to the episode to follow along and set up the plan.



Time Stamps:


(1:24) Welcome to a special edition episode for 2018
(8:25) Primetime
(10:35) Step 1- Get pissed off about reality
(14:21) Step 2- Identify what you learned
(18:46) Step 3- Design your life
(25:15) Step 4- Create end of year vision
(31:14) Step 5- Create your Top 5
(37:30) Step 6- Motivators- Identify your Pain and Pleasures
(46:10) Step 7- Identify and Diagnose problems
(01:02:04) Step 8- Design the plan
(01:08:55) Step 9- Target Practice
(01:18:35) Step 10- GPS Planning
(01:26:00) Step 11- Anticipation Playbook
(01:36:37) Step 12- Create your G-Code
(01:43:28) Step 13- Resolve Conflict
(01:51:43) Step 14- Make momentum and take action
(01:55:45) Step 15- Show gratitude
(01:59:12) Step 16- Upgrade your circle



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