In today's interview, I sit down live with world class marketer Jay Abraham where we discuss the keys to achieving greatness and what holds most people back from reaching their potential.



Time Stamps:

1:22 Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcasts
2:31 Welcome Jay!
3:28 Jay’s Story
6:59 What drove Jay
8:32 Funnel vision
9:42 Why people don’t look at things creatively
14:41 There is no silver bullet
20:08 I don’t deal in theory but in strategy
21:46 Small progressive successes
22:27 The power of geometry in business
25:43 3 ways to grow a business
27:10 Measuring results
29:04 Ray Dalio- Principles
36:20 Bill Walsh- The score takes care of itself
40:40 Why are you doing what you’re doing?
44:00 Jay’s core tenants of his philosophy
46:10 “In order to be heard, you first have to hear”
51:22 Leave people better than before you met them
57:58 Power is only achievable by empowering others
1:02:07 Keys to greatness with having great relationships
1:06:50 You either grow or die in a relationship
1:14:00 Jay’s daily habits