What do all high performers have in common? They all know how to manage and master their emotions. If they don't, it's only a matter of time before the pressure exposes them. In order to be the best and to dominate under any circumstance, you have to have the awareness and the tools to understand and shift your emotions when you need to. In this episode, I take you into a live coaching call with my Killer Instinct group and walk one of my clients through a powerful “Emotion Playbook” exercise.


Time Stamps:


(2:48) What would your physical state be if your money emotion was dialed in?
(4:04) The meaning of what you are focusing on
(5:44) “Being broke is childish and I am quite grown”
(9:10) My daughter loves the Nicki Minaj top 10 steps to success
(10:17) Felix Dennis- How to get rich: one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs shares his secrets