Most high performers fold under the lights, they get overwhelmed with anxiety and worry when the results matter most, and it affects not just them but their teammates, their employees, their customers, and everyone involved. If you want to dominate under pressure, that means you'll have to go against your natural instincts, which is to run from that pressure. You have to teach yourself to be poised….in this episode I give you an inside look into my live coaching program where I break down the mindset standard that high performers must have and how to create your legitimate recipe for maximum confidence.



Time Stamps:

(0:00) Welcome to a special episode!
(4:08). The Gametime Mentality
(6:16) #1: There’s no guarantee that you will have another shot at this
(8:00) #2: Apply pressure now so you can play in the zone later
(12:34) #3: Full intensity, focus, and tenacity are my standards no matter what anyone else does
(20:37) #4: Full preparedness means knowing anything and everything that can happen and plans for it
(26:15) What should you do when you are feeling tired
(28:02) 3 parts of an emotion
(29:18) #1: Body language
(34:19) #2: Focus
(45:07) #3: Language




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