The human brain is wired to overvalue the opinions of our peers….it served us back when were roaming the African savanna, but it doesn't serve us as much now. That feeling you get when your friends talk shit, when your parents disapprove, or when you miss a shot in a game…That feeling paralyzes many and prevents them from taking risks or doing what is necessary. You cannot be a victim to this disease, you have to learn how to overcome the fear of others opinions…but how? How can you practically and systematically build immunity to what stops so many others? In this episode, I show you how I approach this problem.


210 Time Stamps:

(1:21) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(1:31) Training on how to give a f*ck less what others think
(2:58) Name one high performer who wasn’t motivated
(4:00) Michael Moss: Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us
(4:12) Ray Dalio: Principles
(4:33) Higher versus lower self
(7:36) We all have the same needs and fears
(8:23) Step 1- Learn how to breathe
(10:18) Mark Divine: Unbeatable Mind and Way of the SEAL
(11:26) Step 2- Analyze your goals and your vision
(14:25) I answer to King Zeus
(15:02) Make yourself a disciple of your vision
(16:20)Step 3- Put yourself in more situations where you can be judged
(18:16) Remind yourself about how much people really don’t care about you
(22:03) Opinions that we are afraid of are literally nothing