As you move more aggressively towards becoming the best, you'll have people who you trust and love start to take you for a joke…maybe they question you, maybe they laugh or mock your goals and visions…Maybe you're even trying to take a friend along with you towards greatness but they don't seem to be responding the way you want. How do you handle that? How do you stay focused even when they aren't taking you serious? How do you ignore that? In today's episode, I break down a simple formula and mindset that will help you to overcome that challenge.

208 Time Stamps:

(1:30) Where are you at with your goals?
(2:24) Story about my high school days
(3:39) My college walk-on days
(5:30) Reality: your family and friends do not know sh*t
(6:52) Get clear on your outcome
(7:24) Get clear on your why as they align with who you are
(8:50) Educate yourself on your decision
(10:16) Create a plan to get you there
(11:10) Work your ass off daily towards your goals
(13:11) Keep your mouth shut in the beginning
(13:55) Show off when necessary to shut others up
(14:28) Robert Greene: 50th Law
(15:08) Develop an always hungry mentality
(17:05) Get results