What are the REAL reasons that you want to accomplish your goals? What are the deepest dark motivators that you don't tell anyone? It's about time you come to terms with them so you can finally become the version of yourself you are destined to be. The only way to do that is by owning who you are unapologetically. This is what Floyd does brilliantly. Listen to this episode to find out his mindset towards women, vegas and strip clubs, and why I believe that is what makes him undefeated and TBE. 

206 Time Stamps:

(2:30) Welcome back to the film room!
(3:05) Mindset is 80% of the equation
(3:32) Recap of the Floyd Mayweather Film Room Series
(5:00) The battery analogy
(7:37) Do you act in alignment with what you think is important?
(10:48) Floyd keeps it real about his desire for money
(14:10) Tim Grover- Relentless
(14:35) Tiger’s Downfall
(16:38) Be honest with yourself
(17:05) How to be more loyal to yourself
(17:10) Sit down with a pen and paper and write down the reasons you do what you do
(18:03) Say what you think and feel more often
(19:30) Email me at [email protected] the answers to these questions
(19:36) Why do you play your sport?
(19:45) What are the darker reasons behind why you play your sport?
(19:50) Why are you so afraid to admit those reasons?
(20:05) How much more free would you be if you could be yourself?
(20:21) Where in your life have you been the most fake?