Are you playing chess or checkers? Do you just take action, or is your action calculated and strategic? It's part 2, and in this episode I show you how Mayweather is 50-0 because he planned it that way and he planned it like a war general plans to win war. It's complex. I show you in this episode how to apply Floyd's mindest to be a beter planner, more calculated and reach results faster without half the frustration. 

Episode 205 Time Stamps:
(2:30) – Welcome back to the Film Room Series!
(3:25)-  Recap from Episode 1
(4:18)- Floyd and 50 Cent
(5:00)- Floyd Struggles to Read Promo
(6:48)- Marry the Result, Divorce the Strategy
(7:40)- Play Chess not Checkers
(8:27)- The Hard Work Illusion
(9:52)- Think Strategically
(12:00) Don’t Give Up on the Goal, but Don’t Marry Yourself to a Particular Strategy
(13:52) Actions Impact Outcomes
(15:42) Embrace Reality
(16:40) Trust Yourself rather than Other People
(18:32) How to Become Calculated and Strategic like Floyd
(18:37) Key 1- Define your End Game and your Core Values
(19:21) Key 2-Picture your End Game Every Day with the Emotion Already Being Attached to it of it Already Being Real
(19:56) Key 3- Study your Competition
(20:16) Key 4- Craft your Plans According to Reality
(20:51) Key 5- Adjust Quickly and Often if Necessary
(21:36) Key 6- Never Relent on your End Game because of Doubters and Naysayers (22:23) What is your Ultimate End Game?
(22:38) What is your Strategy for How You Plan to get to your End Game?
(23:03) What is your Plan B and C?
(23:14) What Faulty Believe have you been carrying around that makes you despise those people who are witty and sharp?