When studying and analyzing the legendary Floyd Mayweather, one of his core principles and traits is what I call CERTAINTY. It's like confidence on steroids… It's about KNOWING from your core that you're the best. But how did he create this characteristic? And is this a quality that anyone can adopt, or is he just a cocky guy who was born that way? I show you how and why he's so certain, and how you can be the same way.

Episode 204 Time Stamps:
(2:30) Welcome back to the Film Room Series!
(3:39) “Shyness is a fluid quality” – Robert Greene (50th Law)
(5:40) Floyd. MONEY. Mayweather.
(6:40) Cognitive Biases.
(8:17) The “Liking-Bias” | Charlie Munger’s, “Poor Charlie’s Almanac”
(11:44) Floyd is “arrogant”
(11:55) Clip #1: “They can’t f— with me”
(15:47) Clip #2: There’s NO ONE else.
(16:45) Clip #3: So easy.
(18:02) Clip #4: Dedicated to the craft.
(19:01) Clip #5: I will always find a way to win.
(20:11) Clip #6: Stay FOCUSED.
(22:31) Clip #7: Pressure.
(25:08) Clip #8: Training Affirmations.
(25:40) Clip #9: “Can’t no fighter beat me!”
(27:03) Clip #10: Winning.
(28:18) Clip #11: Victor Ortiz.
(28:52) Clip #12: Manny Pacquiao.
(29:29) Clip #13: Ricky Hatton.
(30:27) If you want to adopt this level of Certainty, take these steps.
(30:40) Step 1: The DECISION to be great.
(31:37) Step 2: Work your tail off.
(31:53) Step 3: NOTICE, and highlight, everything that makes you confident and certain.
(32:28) Step 4: Positive Affirmations.
(33:01) Question 1: What is your certainty level?
(33:26) Question 2: What do you say to yourself or others, that drains your confidence?
(34:00) Question 3: What is the reason why you talk yourself down?
(34:45) Question 4: How will you build certainty TODAY?

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