How often do you skip out on workouts, check out early in training and practice, or put off your most important projects? How much money do you think you've lost so far as a result of laziness and a lack or urgency? In this episode, I show you how to wire yourself to be different from everyone else who is lazy and puts off what is most important. I show you how to train yourself to get things done and make the progress your vision needs you to make.

Episode 203 Time Stamps:
(1:21) Do you procrastinate?
(1:51) Rory Vaden's, “Procrastinate on Purpose”
(2:57) A tough decision that caused procrastination: “Should I quit?”
(4:47) We naturally AVOID PAIN to RECEIVE PLEASURE.
(6:07) Are you skipping your workout today?
(8:45) Did you hit the snooze button today?
(11:12) How to end the procrastination and laziness that prevents you from succeeding.
(12:47) You must train yourself—to continuously motivate yourself.
(13:38) #1: Become GOAL-ORIENTED.
(14:30) #2: Every daily action is meticulously-framed.
(16:41) Investor’s mentality: Asymmetrical risk and reward.
(18:39) “Blood in the water”
(19:37) Karen Pryor's, “Don’t Shoot the Dog!”
(21:44) #3: Seek extreme mentor-ship.
(24:12) #4: Call BS on yourself—don’t wait.
(27:30) #5: Put your money where your mouth is!
(32:06) Be afraid of the right things…

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