Look at all of the most successful athletes, most of them struggle at some point in their careers with relationship issues. None of us are immune. How do you get your wife or partner on board with your goals? What do you do when they complain that you spend too much time at the gym or at work? How do you stay on track and manage your time while making them happy? It's not easy, and I'm certainly no Dr. Phil… but I am a husband, and I can share with you what I have learned to be the major keys in staying ambitious without sacrificing your relationships. Enjoy part 1 of this series, and click the link in my bio to listen.

Episode 200 Time Stamps:
(1:20) 4th quarter mentality
(2:56) Preface: I am not a relationship guru.
(4:15) How to get your partner on board with your goals.
(4:33) Do you feel “held-back”?
(6:10) Here’s a reality check for you.
(7:03) Take ownership of YOUR s**t
(8:16) “Those who don’t feel control, are the least happy.”
(9:07) Martin Seligman, “Learn Helplessness”
(9:42) What to expect on this mini-series | Problem -> Root Cause -> New Plan
(10:56) Today’s ROOT CAUSE | Ray Dalio's, “Principles”
(12:43) Your partner might feel like you put your work, before them…
(13:58) Do you have to prioritize things this way?
(15:59) Breakthrough: Focus on your partner’s FEELING.
(17:45) Following? Let’s design today’s PLAN
(18:47) 1: Learn your partner’s ‘love recipe’ | Gary Chapman’s “5 Love Languages”
(20:40) ASK. LISTEN.
(23:22) 2: Spend regular amounts of time with your partner.
(25:46) 3: Do whatever it takes to get your partner what he/she needs.
(28:58) Simon Senek’s, “Leaders Eat Last”
(29:40) Stay tuned for more relationship realities.

GPS - Aggressive Goal Execution System