Do you still look at problems and challenges like they are a bad thing? Do you complain about them? Do you wish they weren't there? Do you look for people to feel sorry for you? If you do, this episode will be a wake up call. You can't afford to look at problems the same way everyone else does. In this episode, I show you how to approach them differently; like a boss. Like a champion. Like someone who is actually going to succeed.

Episode 199 Time Stamps:
(2:10) How to deal with problems and challenges
(4:20) You haven’t reached your potential yet…
(6:16) What most people do, Pt. 1: They complain
(6:52) What most people do, Pt. 2: Run away from the pain
(7:33) What most people do, Pt. 3: Problems “aren’t that bad…”
(7:58) What most people do, Pt. 4: They make the problem “justified”
(8:50) What most people do, Pt. 5: Blame-game.
(9:09) What most people do, Pt. 6: Braggadocios people.
(9:41) Do NOT fall into any of these six categories.
(11:30) Problems are SIGNALS. | Ray Dalio’s “Principles”
(11:53) Challenges force you to step your game up.
(14:16) “Situation” > “Problem” | Tim Grover’s, “Relentless”
(14:35) Make it look easy!
(15:30) How to approach problems in a new way
(15:40) Solutions, Pt. 1: Recognize the problem, and get PISSED about it.
(16:29) Solutions, Pt. 2: CALM yourself down.
(16:48) Solutions, Pt. 3: ANALYZE and SELL yourself on solving the problem.
(17:46) Solutions, Pt. 4: Look ahead
(18:00) Solutions, Pt. 4: Identify the underlying, root cause of your problem.
(19:06) Solutions, Pt. 5: Create a PLAN.
(21:57) What problems need solving today?