On the other side of pain, there’s pleasure. All you gotta do is go through the fire! You’ve heard that the “grass is greener on the other side of the fence”, right? Why not find out for yourself? Humans are naturally accustomed to seek comfort and avoid painful experiences. Make the shift, and train your mind to push past your normal limits. Grab a trustworthy friend and talk your obstacles through. Then, overcome.

Episode 194 Time Stamps:
(1:21) Workout “revelations”
(3:34) Brief recap of Parts 1 and 2
(5:22) What to expect in today’s Part 3 episode…
(5:53) Charlie Munger’s “Poor Charlie’s Almanac” | David Buss', “Evolutionary Psychology”
(6:46) As humans… we run away from pain. Our brains and bodies have not kept up with the rapidly evolving technology advancements.
(7:00) Life story: I thought my marriage was over…
(11:39) Lesson learned: Honestly… I was avoiding the “reality”
(13:33) On the other side of pain, there’s pleasure.
(13:48) Another life story: Did I bite off more than I can chew?
(14:28) Another lesson learned: Lock yourself in your office and settle it.
(16:30) Parenting is one of the toughest things to do (in my opinion)
(19:40) Learn to deal with internal and external conflict.
(20:12) #1: Realize that your faulty beliefs are like shit… Don’t hold it in.
(21:02) #2: Know your outcomes.
(21:16) #3: Know your chokeholds.
(21:31) #4: Talk your obstacles through, with someone you trust.
(21:50) #5: Get it all out.
(22:04) #6: Never let any belief go unchallenged.
(23:04) Gross story: S****y diaper…
(25:48) What’s your game-plan?

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