A wise man once said, that you can have anything—but you can’t have everything. You’ll have to sacrifice some of the things you love the most, in order to get to your most desired result(s). Understand that there’s a price to pay, and as much as it may hurt you, it’s for the better. Make sure you’re up to date with tuesday’s part one episode before tuning in. Welcome back, to another mindset reality check!

Episode 193 Time Stamps:
(1:20) Did you listen to Part 1?
(2:28) Pay the cost to be the boss.
(4:00) My “floater” phase as a firefighter
(6:30) I’m a father and a husband, too.
(7:06) Here’s why I quit as a firefighter.
(9:51) You can accomplish what you say you want.
(10:36) CHECK IT: You’re gonna have to give SOMETHING up…
(15:21) You must become SUPER clear about what you want.
(17:08) Step 1 of 8: Pay the CO$T.
(17:35) Step 2 of 8: Settle the pleasure-pain conflict.
(19:27) Step 3 of 8: Anticipate all obstacles and challenges.
(22:27) Step 4 of 8: Champion’s attitude.
(23:38) Step 5 of 8: Never complain.
(24:47) Step 6 of 8: Mitigate all weaknesses.
(25:48) Step 7 of 8: Be weary of easy gains; always know the process.
(27:04) Step 8 of 8: Know the PRICE, and do NOT steal.
(28:50) What a result that you want? What will you have to sacrifice?

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