The truth is, we’re too easy on ourselves. The essence of a reality check is to immediately shift our mindset for proper action. Look… you’re probably leaving money on the table right now; so I’m here to help you get up and earn it. Tune in to part one of our Mindset Reality Check mini-series, to learn from my toughest life lessons, and apply nine crucial steps to your lifestyle so you can OWN your results.

Episode 192 Time Stamps:
(1:21) “Busy”
(3:23) Back in the booth!
(4:14) The beginning of our 3-part “Mindset Reality Check” series
(6:30) True story: “5 watches”
(14:56) Lesson learned: No ones cares.
(15:55) CHECK IT: Are you really losing sleep?
(17:06) The birth of my first son (at 20 years old)
(18:48) CHECK IT: Who in your life, can you REALLY count on?
(20:12) True story: My NFL shoulder injury…
(22:28) Lesson Learned: Take responsibility for YOUR results.
(22:32) Your wake up call… Be the LION of the jungle.
(25:37) Step 1 of 9: GRIEVE properly.
(26:12) Step 2 of 9: Identify the PROBLEM.
(26:22) Step 3 of 9: Identify the GOLD.
(27:32: Step 4 of 9: RESOLVE for your benefit.
(28:52) Breakthrough moments through these two reads: Grant Cardone's “10X Rule”, and Brian Tracy's “Focal Point”
(29:28) Step 5&6 of 9: Create a PLAN. Then, EXECUTE.
(30:16) Step 7: Refuse to complain or seek sympathy.
(30:22) Step 8: Move QUICKLY.
(31:04) Step 9: DON’T EXPECT anyone to help you.
(31:26) Self Reliance; a concept from Robert Greene & 50 Cent's “50th Law”
(31:39) What have you been waiting for?
(32:07) A dead giveaway of mentally-weak people…
(32:23) In conclusion…

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