I’m talkin’ FEAR…. No, not nightmares and clowns—this is much worse. We’re often stuck with this specific emotion that prevents us from reaching our maximum potential. Four “fears” came to mind in the midst of yesterday’s workout which we must overcome. Tune in to find out what they are, and stay tuned for a special affirmation track; equipped with a new set of beliefs that you can adopt today. Become FEARLESS.

Episode 190 Time Stamps:
(1:22) The meaning of fear, and how we perceive it.
(3:22) My whiteboard, aka my brainstorming tool
(4:44) 4 FEARS.
(5:16) Fear #1: The fear of BEING ALONE.
(7:11) Fear #2: The fear of FAILURE.
(7:45) “What if I don’t make it?”
(9:38) Fear #3: The fear of SUCCESS.
(10:52) Fear #4: The fear of the UNKNOWN.
(11:12) “The need for certainty is a disease.” -Robert Greene
(11:56) Your NEW affirmations.
(12:38) Turn up the volume for a special AFFIRMATION track!