Some call MJ absurdly unique, making it seem impossible for a future athlete to fill his shoes. I call BS… MJ’s mindset is his strongest weapon, yet some just fail to realize it. Welcome to the final episode of the Film Room series; as we tap in to Michael’s mindset, as a “Ruthless Competitor”. Listen and learn how you can become a beast, like Mike. Until next time, stay tuned for the next Film Room Series!

Episode 189 Time Stamps:
(3:33) Welcome to the last installment of the Film Room Series, with basketball’s greatest; Michael Jordan.
(4:17) Where you at right now?
(4:54) A brief review of MJ’s “Mental Alchemy”, and “Gametime Mentality”
(6:28) Today’s topic: MJ’s “Ruthless Competition”
(6:45) Clip #1: “Cutt-throat”
(7:45) Evolutionary psychology… (Hunters and gatherers)
(9:13) The “Envy Bias”
(9:57) Michael Jordan’s, “For the Love of the Game”
(11:13) Clip #2: MJ’s favorite opponents.
(12:01) MJ’s perception of Larry Bird’s criticism.
(14:55) Clip #3: Nobody was as competitive as MJ.
(15:49) Clip #4: Clyde… Magic… NO COMPARISON.
(18:00) Clip #5: Who’s better?
(18:44) Clip #6: Play with a “statement”
(19:48) Clip #7: Nerves at MSG.
(20:55) Clip #8: Stand out from Magic.
(21:48) Clip #9: Every game is a “rivalry”.
(23:22) Clip #10: “They can’t win until we quit”.
(23:50) Clip #11: MJ’s desire to prove us wrong… (with baseball)
(24:13) Clip #12: Always sending a message.
(25:14) Clip #13: I might play at 50…
(26:40) What does this mean for you?
(28:13) It’s time to develop your competitive drive.
(28:45) A story about my kids: Using jealousy to fuel your drive.
(32:11) Reality check: How often do YOU get jealous??
(34:19) Does money motivate you more than anything else? | Shoutout to Tom Bilyeu!
(25:17) Q1: What is your story about competition?
(36:37) Q2: Do your insecurities drive you, or immobilize you?
(37:13) Q3: What are some unconscious rules you have set up, that are setting you up for failure?
(38:03) In conclusion…

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