The second installment of MJ’s Film Room series is all about his “Gametime Mentality”. Following Michael’s “Mental Alchemy”, today we talk about how to approach your game with laser-like focus. Get an inside scoop on how MJ handled his unique practices, and how repetition fostered his bulletproof nerves. Answer the three questions at the end of the episode, and stay tuned for the finale this Friday.

Episode 188 Time Stamps:
(3:33) Welcome to Part 2 of the film room!
(5:20) A brief review of MJ’s “Mental Alchemy”
(6:09) Today’s “Gametime Mentality” | Tim Grover’s, “Relentless”
(8:42) Clip #1: Practice = Play.
(10:05) Clip #2: Never complacent.
(11:48) Clip #3: Hunger through confidence.
(12:45) Clip #4: “Afraid”
(14:00) Clip #5: Steve Kerr on MJ.
(14:58) Clip #6: A typical practice routine for MJ.
(17:14) Clip #7: Work ethic eliminates the fear.
(17:51) Repetition brought success to MJ
(18:15) How does this apply to YOU?
(18:58) Q1: What is your current approach to practice?
(19:26) Q2: What’s holding you back from performing at a high level?
(20:22) Q3: What state of mind do you need that will most benefit you?
(20:45) Stay tuned for Episode 3 this Friday!

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