Welcome back to the GPS Goal Setting Series. In this part 2 episode, I break down 4 key principles you must understand before setting your goals. It’s critical to understand where you’re currently at in life, what you envision your future to look like, and to pinpoint what’s preventing you from being there already. This is a powerful realization; after you do this, you’ll be able to set more accurate and impactful goals that will lead to dramatic improvements in your life.

Episode 184 Time Stamps:
(1:21) Welcome back to the GPS series
(2:20) “Failure is not an option. Everyone has to succeed.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger
(2:38) Recap of GPS Pt. 1
(3:12) GPS Pt. 2: Setting the RIGHT goal
(4:00) Opinions are misrepresented as law
(5:30) The goal today is to understand the principles of setting “the right” goals
(6:37) Principle #1: Identify clearly where you are right now  in life
(7:46) Principle #2: Establish a clear vision for where you want to be
(8:22) Principle #3: Identify your chokeholds
(10:05) Principle #4: Identify the most important pieces or the next steps to get you to your vision
(11:52) Set marathon goals
(11:58) Keys to setting the right goal
(13:11) The evidence procedure
(14:26) What should your goals be now?
(14:34) Create a 90 day goal (RIGHT NOW)
(15:26) Email me your goal at [email protected]. Do this now, and I’ll coach you up… Ready, set go!