Much of what you do will be to avoid pain; and if you’re smart, you’ll use that. The journey of personal-growth isn’t glamorous. In fact, many doubts will follow the countless sacrifices that are made along the way. Here’s 7 ways to never reach your goal. Don’t fall victim to these ways. Become part of the 1% that rises above the rest.

Episode 183 Time Stamps:
(1:39) Reality Check: This ain’t no Rocky Theme.
(2:34) Me vs. “Resistance”
(3:24) BOOK: “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield
(4:53) Personal growth will NOT be comfortable.
(6:37) See through the delusion
(7:03) The Art of GOAL-SETTING.
(9:35) What to expect from this 3-part GPS series
(10:57) TODAY: How to guarantee that you don’t reach your goals. Mistakes of many on their goal-reaching journey.
(11:41) Enter the film room of the New Orleans Saints
(12:27) 7 mistakes for you to AVOID on your journey.
(13:07) Mistake #1: Don’t set small goals (based on what’s reasonable)
(17:30) Mistake #2: No EMOTION behind your goals.
(19:13) Mistake #3: No VISION on top of your goals.
(20:47) Mistake #4: They stop reviewing their goals.
(22:42) Mistake #5: They don’t break the goal down into specifics.
(23:08) Mistake #6: The lack of urgency.
(23:47) Mistake #7: The non aggressive-approach.
(24:14) Rig the game so that you can succeed.
(28:04) Which 7 mistakes do you fall victim to?
(29:43) What to expect in Part 2 of the GPS Series!