Do you know what motivates you and how to effectively use it to push yourself forward. Motivation is the KEY to domination. Today I’m blessing you with the top 3 ways I motivate myself, so you could try them out for yourself. Bottom line… you need to develop your own recipe and apply it to your life NOW.

Episode 182 Time Stamps:
(1:20) Show some love! Leave a review for the Sports Motivation Podcast (and the GYMR Podcast too!)
(2:12) My gratitude to YOU.
(3:15) Why I value motivation
(4:35) Find your own recipe that makes you tick
(6:18) Get Motivated, Pt. 1: MUSIC
(10:36) Get Motivated, Pt. 2: Talking my Sh**
(10:56) BOOK: Managing One’s Self” by Peter Drucker
(13:42) Get Motivated, Pt. 3: READ!
(14:47) BOOKS: James Allen's“As a Man Thinketh” and “A Path of Prosperity”
(14:52) BOOK: “How to Do All Things” by Mark Age

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