As we wrap up Kobe’s Film Room series, today we examine the importance of curiosity. The Black Mamba was a true student to the game of basketball, with an unbeatable desire to learn EVERYTHING he could. Even if it took a few cold calls here and there, Kobe followed through… What does this mean for you? How will you interpret this past week’s deep dive into Mr. Bryant’s mind? Will you soak it in and do nothing, or will you adopt this mentality? The choice is yours.

Episode 180 Time Stamps:
(2:21) Part 3 of the FILM ROOM!
(4:37) A brief review of parts 1 of 2
(7:14) Clip #1: The Mamba Mentality.
(9:36) Clip #2: Call up Tex!
(14:07) Putting yourself through the fire
(14:45) The bottom line: for YOU.
(16:14) Your NEW assignments (until the next Film Room session!)

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