Welcome back to the Film Room… Today’s focus is on Kobe’s commitment to the game. He knew handouts didn’t exist. Being legendary takes an Unreasonable Commitment… You gotta expect to sacrifice what isn’t beneficial to you, but still remains in your environment. Let’s roll.

Episode 179 Time Stamps:
(2:17) Part 2 begins now!
(2:56) Your mindset is the only thing that is within your control | Napoleon Hill’s, “Outwitting the Devil”
(4:05) RENEW your mind.
(5:15) A brief review of Part 1
(5:45) Clip #1: Kobe’s logic on getting up EARLY.
(8:30) Are you Kobe, or the interviewer?
(9:17) Clip #2: Confidence comes from PREPARATION.
(9:50) Are you willing to DO the mundane?
(11:00) Concept: Robert Greene’s “Mental Alchemy”
(11:27) Clip #3: Beethoven
(11:57) The “Reframe”
(13:13) Create a set of mentors that hold you to a HIGHER level.
(14:42) Concept: Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Law of Compensation”
(15:50) Clip #4: Inherent Sacrifices
(17:10) How can we apply Kobe’s mentality?

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