Welcome to THE FILM ROOM… We begin this month’s mini-series with a special look into the mechanics of the great Kobe Bryant, aka “Black Mamba”. After spending weeks of reviewing Kobe’s film, I’ve created three lessons for you to develop a mentality similar to Kobe’s. Ready? Let’s review.

Episode 178 Time Stamps:
(2:17) Welcome to the FILM ROOM!
(4:10) Are the greats so much more different than you?
(5:00) Legendary isn’t random.
(7:03) Here’s what to expect in the “Film Room Series”
(8:38) The Black Mamba’s HUNGER.
(9:14) Hunger, implies the “lack”
(10:40) Clip #1: “My brain cannot process failure”
(11:40) Clip #2: “How do I get THERE?”
(14:00) Clip #3: Give EVERYTHING you got.
(15:26) Clip #4: “Win as many championships as possible.”
(15:57) Clip #5: How to make your game UNSTOPPABLE
(18:15) Clip #6: Challenges are puzzles.
(18:47) Clip #7: Kobe’s “road game-mentality”
(20:49) Clip #8: Mount Everest
(21:12) Today’s Film Room Breakdown.