Today, we welcome former MLB starting pitcher Todd Stottlemyre to the podcast!  He played 15 seasons in the league and is son to Mel Stottlemyre, former New York Yankees pitcher.  We talk about his story, what it took to pitch in the MLB for so many years, his philosophies on habits and goal setting, and much more.  You can find him at and can order his brand new book: “Relentless Success – 9-Point System for Major League Achievement.”

Episode 174 Time Stamps:
(1:25) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast Todd!
(2:34) Todd’s Story and Yankee Stadium
(5:35) “Second half of my life be all about other people”
(7:26) “Took me 20 years working at my craft before I reached the big leagues”
(8:55) All in, all the time mindset
(13:08) Realization of the Legendary Work Ethic
(15:19) “Real Genius is taking something simple and keeping it simple”
(17:02) “Kiss-Keep it simple stupid”
(22:44) Michael Jordan’s habits made him the GOAT
(24:21) 3 critical habits to Todd’s achievement
(26:10) “How do you become the best? You have to outwork the rest”
(29:03) Todd’s current focus
(32:09) Todd’s holistic approach
(36:07) Todd’s new book and 9 step goal setting
(41:47) Balancing all of life's demands
(49:47) Robin Sharma's, “The Leader Who Had No Title”
(50:12) Darren Hardy, “The Compound Effect”
(50:34) Jim Rohn, “Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle”
(50:52) George Clason, “The Richest Man in Babylon”
(52:42) Todd’s parting words and where to find him

Todd's Website:
Todd's Book, “Relentless Success”