Part 2 of the Dominate Time series is a 6 step process that will bring you unbelievable clarity as you take on your week. Do you want to wake up and plan your day out based on how you feel? Or would you rather wake up already knowing what must be done for the day? … The answer is a NO BRAINER. Set up your week on Sunday, and crush it.

Episode 171 Time Stamps:

(1:20) Welcome back! Part 2 begins now…
(2:23) A brief recap of Part 1
(3:47) What you will expect in today’s episode
(5:00) Make sure you have TIME-BLOCKS set up, before starting this 6 step process.
(6:24) Step 1: Ruthless self-evaluation.
(6:56) Step 2: Brain-dump.
(7:23) Steps 3 & 4: Create WEEKLY GOALS, personally and professionally.
(8:28) Step 5: WEEKLY SET-UP (Your time-blocks are like TETRIS pieces)
(9:37) Step 6: Input goal-based actions, in coordination with your weekly set-up and time-blocks.
(10:37) Do you have a system in place right now?
(11:02) A preview for Part 3!
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