Over the course of the next three episodes, we’re gonna knock the unnecessary habits that distract you from getting things done. I’m here to teach you TIME DOMINATION, based off of my own life experiences. If there’s improvements to be made, why aren’t you acting upon them? Remember, I’m here to coach you up and get your wheels rolling, so expect to hear the necessary language. Sound good? C’mon man, let’s jump right into it!

Episode 170 Time Stamps:

(1:20) Welcome, to Part 1 of the “Dominate Time” Series
(3:24) Can you describe, “time”?
(4:08) Don’t expect the simple, boring s**t here.
(6:04) Three most critical mistakes, when it comes to time-management.
(7:40) Mistake #1: No VISION.
(11:26) Mistake #2: You might be focused only on ACTIONS, and not OUTCOMES
(14:42) Mistake #3: No system to consistently achieve results.
(16:41) Work out once a week, and expect… nothing.
(17:16) My BBQ sauce is bomb… you want the recipe?
(19:16) Necessity is the mother of invention
(21:09) A preview for Part 2!
(21:51) What to do now…